Beginner’s Guide to s curl activator gel and Minecarts in Minecraft

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition can make your rail-magnate dreams come true. But everyone must start somewhere. Our guide to s curl activator gel and rails will help you understand the basics of building your railway.

  • Rails
  • Types and uses of minecarts
  • How do you create railways
  • How do you create intersections
  • How to ride in a minecart
  • How to use powered railways
  • How do you use detector rails
  • How do you use activator rails

Rail types

Plain rail

Plain rail

The most common type of s curl activator gel is the plain one. You can place it on either flat ground or slopes. Six iron ingots, one stick and 16 rails are produced.

Powered rail

Attached to redstone, the powered rail will move your minecart along it. The powered rail will not move your cart if it isn’t attached to redstone. Six powered rails are made from six gold ingots and one stick. One stick is made of redstone dust.

Rail detector

Redstone contraptions generally use detector s curl activator gel. A minecart that passes over a detector rail will activate or deactivate attached redstone. Six iron ingots and one stone pressure plate are required to produce six detector rails.


Activator rail

Redstone activator rails can be very useful when connected to it. If a minecart with a player is passed over, it will drop that player. A minecart filled up with TNT will also be lit if it passes over an activator rail. A plain rail will work as an activator rail if it is not connected to redstone.


Different types of minecarts


You, animals, or enemy mobs can ride in plain minecarts. The keys that you use to move forward or backward can be used to control the minecart. Although you can climb up the sloped rails, your progress will be slow.

Minecart with chest

Right-click on a minecart that has a chest inside it to load up any tools, resources or other items you require. This is especially useful if you are mining deep underground and need to empty your personal inventory.

Minecart with hopper

For large-scale mining operations, minecarts equipped with hoppers can be very useful. They can pick up any block or other items that are on the track and any items that are on a block above the track. You can turn hoppers on or off by crossing an activator rail that is powered with redstone.

Minecart with TNT

Minecarts that have TNT inside are used for rapid mining. After passing over an activator rail with redstone, the fuse will light up and explode four seconds later. The explosion will be larger if the cart is moving faster than the activator rail powered with redstone. An explosion of a minecart filled with TNT won’t cause damage to its rails or blockage.


How to build railways

Placing tracks

Right-click the ground with a rail in your hand to place it. To pick it up again if you make a mistake, simply hit it with your pickaxe. Rails automatically turn corners if they are placed next to each other. You can’t turn corners if the track is on a slope.

Your cart will not go off the tracks if you place a block of cobblestone at each end. To stop your cart from slipping off the tracks, you can use a pickaxe or a block of cobblestone to smash it and return it to your inventory.

Diagonal track

To create a diagonal track, you can place rails in a diagonal arrangement. These rails will appear like a straight line on the ground but your minecart will make it look straight.


How to create intersections

It can be difficult to create intersections in complex railway designs, but they are often necessary for the duration of play.

Intersection with a lever

A lever is required to create a simple T intersection that runs two directions. Place the lever at the intersection. If you right-click it, the track’s direction will change.


How to ride a minecart

Riding in a minecart

To place your minecart, right-click on a rail. You can climb in by placing it on level ground. Just right-click the minecart when you are ready to go.

To exit the minecart, press spacebar or jump key.


How to use powered rails

You need to use powered rails if you want to build an automated railway system. This is essential for mining operations that require you to be unable to drive a minecart. Remember that powered rails can only be powered by a redstone item such as a redstone torch or lever.

Redstone torches beneath the block

As shown in the image above, a redstone torch can be used to power sloped rails.

Put a dip at the end to ensure your minecart doesn't run wild

You can place a dip at each of the tracks to make a minecart stop when it reaches them.

Different types of minecarts may behave differently on powered rails

  • After passing three power rails, a plain minecart will travel at its maximum speed for 38 blocks. Place one powered rail at 38 blocks to maintain your top speed. After passing three powered rails, an empty minecart can only travel eight blocks at maximum speed. You can save resources by spacing out your powered rails. However, your minecarts may lose speed.
  • To climb a slope, a minecart must use three powered rails in succession to reach its top speed. A powered rail is required every two blocks to maintain the maximum speed.
  • To reach maximum speed for a minecart that has a chest orhopper inside, it must have three powered rails in succession. A powered rail is required every eight blocks to maintain maximum speed.

How to use detector rails

Detector rail powering a piston

The minecart’s speed is temporarily powered by redstone using detector rails. You can place them just like any other rail. These rails can be used to open doors and power pistons or any other redstone device you may create. The cart is about powering the redstone dust-filled piston attached to the detector rail in the above image.


How to use activator rails

Activator rail near a station

If you’re in a minecart and are riding on an activator rail powered with redstone, it will drop you off if you pass over it. You can also use it to ignite a minecart containing TNT. The activator rail can be seen in the above image at a base for operation. This allows easy access to both inside and outside.

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